Murder and Mystery and Mayhem -- oh my!

The Lighthouse Foundation series

Sometimes the only thing worse than being lost is being found.

A face on a milk carton leads to a shocking discovery: Rosalie Thatcher's fiancee isn't who she thinks he is. And he isn't who he thinks he is, either. And this realization leads the kidnapper and mastermind of a kidnapping plot straight to their doorstep.

Book 1: The Lost

The search for the truth brings Rosalie to question her motives, and forces her to make some tough choices.

Book 2: The Landfall

A child with a fantastic story who suddenly disappears leads Rosalie and Tony and their friends into the dark world of child abduction.

Book 3: The Labyrinth

A new start, a new life, a new home -- and it all might come crashing down around Rosalie and Tony and their friends' ears when a suspicious real estate agent comes to Lesterville.