Murder and Mystery and Mayhem -- oh my!

The Lilac Hedge

Maggie Carlson’s twin sister, Anna, disappeared when the girls were ten. For Maggie’s parents, life stopped for them on that day in 1990.

Life stopped for Maggie, too. She still has nightmares about Anna where her sister wanders around, blindfolded, calling for her. It seems her only choice is to do what the police have failed to do: find her sister’s body.

Brett Maddock has been living a lie for the past twelve years. His father, suspected but never charged with the disappearance of Anna Carlson, committed suicide. Brett’s mother promptly packed up her son and their meager belongings and moved across the country to escape the innuendoes and implications, changing their names and their past.

Now Brett is determined to prove his father innocent. With a new name and a new career, Brett feels certain he can solve this crime.

Will Brett’s past catch up with him and irreparably damage his growing relationship with Maggie? Will Maggie be willing to accept the truth of what really happened to her sister? Will Brett and Maggie understand the path God has brought them on that has led them to this collision course with evil?